Netflix Instant Films That Don't Suck
Dogtooth(Kynodontas, 2009)

Homeschooled siblings who grow up cut off from society create an idyllic alternate universe, which is shattered when their father lets in an outsider — a female security officer brought home to satisfy his son’s libido.

I watched Dogtooth a few days ago, but I didn’t know how to take it, which is why I haven’t reviewed anything in a few days. From the cover on Netflix, one of the reviews was “HILARIOUS” so I was expecting something similar to The Virgin Suicides, but slightly more quirky and a little weirder. That was not the case at all. Through the entire film, I was uneasy, a bit put off, disturbed, uncomfortable, and it felt extremely claustrophobic and awkward. It wasn’t until about 30 minutes after it went off that everything started to click. Regardless of how awkward I felt during it, it was a REALLY smart film. It won almost every award it was nominated for, and it definitely deserved it. Dogtooth was my first Greek film, so I’m hoping all the others will live up to that one. The runtime for Dogtooth is 93 minutes.